Bomber Seats

Starting at $2000

Not your ordinary bomber seat! 

With the addition of of your artwork or logo we create a custom bomber seat just for you. 

You can have a meticulously handcrafted and truly one of a kind bomber seat.

Bombers Seat
Custom Bomber Seat
Bombers Seat
Bombers Seat

Each bomber seat is hand-crafted

CNC engraved and then beadrolled by hand.  We press every hole and place every rivet by hand.

No short cuts – ever.

Bead Rolled by Hand

We bead roll each piece by hand.  Both the front and back panels can be customized with a personalized design including logos and artwork.

Custom Made Bomber Seats

We make each chair for you and work with you to finalize your design.  Seats are aluminum with vinyl or leather cushions.  We can engrave your logo, image, message or help develop one for you.

How to order your custom bomber seats

To order your seat :

2) Give us a call at our Andy McCoy Race Car shop – 636-239-5033

3) Email us at

Bomber Seat Gallery

Aluminum bomber seat
custom bomber seat
Beadrolled bomber seat
Metal Bomber seat
Metal Bomber Seat
Bomber Seat


Metal Art

We Take Custom Orders!

Metal Artist
Serenity Prayer metal wall art

Metal Wall Art

Smaller than a bomber seat but just as beautiful